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Secondary Education Sector Investment Program


Secondary Education Sector Development Plan (SE-SDP) was developed in 1998 with the Technical Assistance of ADB to develop the secondary education sector as a whole. Secondary Education Sector Improvement Project (SESIP) implemented (1999- 2007) as the first slice of SESDP and Secondary Education Sector Development Project (2007- 2013) taken as a follow-up. Secondary Education Sector Investment Program is taken based on the inputs of the mentioned previous projects. It will be implemented through program approach (treasury model).  The program has been taken under a multi-tranche financing arrangement with ADB amounting US$ 500 million for 10 years. The program is aimed at developing Sector Wide Approach (SWAP).



টিচিং কোয়ালিটি ইমপ্রুভমেন্ট ইন সেকেন্ডারি এডুকেশন প্রজেক্ট

Teaching Quality Improvement-ll (TQI-ll):


“To improve the quality of Secondary Education in Bangladesh by strengthening 
the teacher training programs, organizational capacity and support for inclusive education”






The SEQAEP project is designed to enhance the quality of education at the secondary education level in Bangladesh by facilitating access to information through quality teaching materials and audio-visual demo of classes to teachers and students. The goal is to bring the entire project upazilas into internet accessibility to facilitate the performance of various activities of SEQAEP.



ইংলিশ ইন একশ্যান



English in Action aims at enabling 25 million Bangladeshi adults and school children to improve their English language skills that will help them access better economic and social opportunities.

With English rapidly becoming the global language of business, fluency in working English can play a major role in helping people escape from poverty. Nearly 70 million Bangladeshis survive on less than a dollar a day and a third of the urban population lives in slums. The programme, English in Action, supports the internationally agreed Millennium Development Goals, which are aimed at eradicating extreme poverty and hunger.

English in Action is about equipping the poorest people with language skills that will help them find jobs, engage in entrepreneurial activities and improve their standard of living. It has been devised in consultation with the Government of Bangladesh and national education institutions. Funding is being provided by the UK Department for International Development.

Of the 25 million people targeted by English in Action, 10 million are school children and 15 million are adults. Literally millions of those at whom the programme is targeted are beyond the reach of conventional education strategies and tools. With English in Action we are breaking completely new ground in the ways we engage people and transmit content.